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Nov. 6, 2020 Newsletter

DiVine Conversations with Bonny Meyer Dear Friends, Take a joy ride with me... in Justin’s 1928 Model A Pickup, as we celebrate his November birthday! ❤️ Bonny VLOGS ROSEMARY WALNUTS Celebrate the bounty of fall with Walnuts and Rosemary from the garden and Chardonnay from Meyer Family Cellars. A santé! To your health! WALNUT SEASON Every October we look forward to harvesting walnuts. The limbs are vigorously shaken, walnuts fall (sometimes on our heads) and bins of walnuts are ready to share with friends…and ravens.    PADDLE-IN CONCERT Sausalito Houseboat Community Concerts are a unique response to Covid-19. Hoping this will inspire you to create something magical and nourishing to the spirit in your community, making life better for us all.  BONNY'S RELEASE DAY Bonny’s Vineyard Cabernet Release Day is a once-a-year special event. Our Covid-Careful protocols made this day even more special as our limited number of guests were treated royally with beautiful wines and food personally delivered by winemakers Matt and Karen Meyer to their tables under the grape-covered trellis.   HARVEST 2020 UPDATED From delighted excitement to sad resignation all in one day. A non-harvest we will never forget. Both vines and personal resilience grow even stronger. NAPA FIRES AGAIN I ran away from home a couple of days ago. I needed to be away from the smoke, fires and the emergencies of our latest Napa Valley calamity. Knowing I should not be alone, I reached out to good friends and now rest in the shelter of their sweet love. WHAT IS LOVE? Love is the most powerful force in the universe, yet we are too often confused about what it really is. How to get it. How to give it. How to allow it to move within us. GARDEN GASPACHO Follow me as I go into the Bonny's Vineyard garden on a mission to make Garden Gazpacho.  EVENTS WED., NOV. 18th: Watches and Wine, two consuming passions. Join us on November 18 at 7pm (ET) for an engaging conversation about the emotional connections associated with the luxury of wine and watch collecting. *participants will have the chance to have a time [...]Read more