By Bonny Meyer

A moving, behind-the-scenes look at the making of one of Napa Valley’s most legendary wineries, Silver Oak Cellars. Bonny Meyer, co-founder and wife of wine legend Justin Meyer, provides an intimate portrayal of the love affair that infused Silver Oak’s magical cabernet.
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Bonny Meyer, authorBonny Meyer began thinking and writing about the nature of love when she was fifteen. She met Brother Justin shortly after she turned eighteen at his 29th birthday party. They spent that evening playing music together igniting the love affair that changed their lives and ultimately spawned Silver Oak Cellars.

Napa Valley vintners, inspired by the extraordinary success and reputation of Silver Oak Cabernets focused more and more on that variety. Today, Cabernet is considered the king of the Napa Valley red wines with some bottles commanding as much as $1,000. Its flavor profile displays a wide variety of black fruits, including currant, cherry and plum, often showing notes of spice from American or French oak barrel aging. It pairs beautifully with robust red meat dishes such as game, lamb, aged steaks, cheeses, and love.

After establishing and growing Silver Oak and the unexpected death of Justin, Bonny devoted her attention to addressing world environmental, social, and economic challenges by financially supporting social ventures. She has been acknowledged by Forbes Magazine and the financial industry as a pioneer of impact and regenerative investing.

After years of encouragement to write about their love affair, she decided to share the story of how she and Justin met, fell in love, and created a business and wines infused with their values and love for one another.

Today, Bonny Meyer is the Principal of Meyer Family Enterprises, an investment company dedicated to the regeneration of the planet and society. After selling Silver Oak Cellars in 2001, Bonny is now a partner in Meyer Family Cellars, a winery run by her son, Matt, and daughter-in-law, Karen.

Bonny lives in the old redwood farmhouse surrounded by Cabernet vines in the middle of the Napa Valley where she and her beloved, Justin, raised their family.

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Bonny Meyer is available to meet with your Book Club (in person or virtual) to discuss Perfectly Paired: The Love Affair Behind Silver Oak Cellars.

To get more information, or to schedule a reading, please contact Bonny.

Thurs., May 19

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Bonny’s Author’s Book Talk & Wine Tasting has been scheduled for Thursday, May 19, 2022 at Sausalito Books By The Bay. Located at 100 Bay Street (in Sausalito), the event will begin at 6:00pm with a mix and mingle, while sipping Meyer Family Cellars’ and Silver Oak wines. Cheryl Popp and Bonny Meyer will chat about Perfectly Paired. There will be a reading and guests will have an opportunity to ask questions. This event is open to the public and there is no charge to attend.

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